Apply PrismConnect

    Job Title: Proposal Writer

    Join PrismConnect Solutions, a leader in federal contract proposal development. As a Proposal Writer, you’ll craft compelling narratives tailored to U.S. Government RFPs, leveraging industry insights and aligning with client objectives.


    • Minimum 3 years of experience in federal proposal writing.
    • Strong understanding of U.S. Government contracting processes.
    • Excellent communication and teamwork skills.

    Job Title: Capture Manager

    Drive the pre-proposal phase at PrismConnect! Collaborate with cross-functional teams, identify potential business opportunities, and develop win strategies to secure federal contracts.


    • 5+ years in federal contracting and capture management.
    • Proven track record of winning sizable federal contracts.
    • Familiarity with federal agency procurement preferences.

    Job Title: Solutions Architect – Cybersecurity

    Elevate PrismConnect’s proposal quality by offering technical guidance on federal contracts. Leverage your cybersecurity background to provide strategic solutions tailored to client needs.


    • Prior experience in threat defense systems or related fields.
    • Strong grasp of current cybersecurity protocols and defense strategies.
    • Ability to liaise between technical and non-technical stakeholders.

    Job Title: Contracts Administrator

    Navigate the complexities of post-award contract management at PrismConnect. Ensure compliance, administer contract modifications, and serve as the primary liaison with federal agencies.


    • 10 years of experience in federal contracting, with a focus on DoD, Navy, or Air Force contracts.
    • Thorough knowledge of FAR and DFARS.
    • Strong organizational and negotiation skills.