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    A full fledge team at the cost of less than a single FTE.

    The U.S. Government contracting landscape is dense, layered, and competitive. To navigate this terrain and secure coveted contracts, PrismConnect Solutions, LLC offers an all-encompassing proposal shop, a powerhouse where every detail matters and each role is critical. Let’s delve deeper into the components and dynamics of our managed proposal shop.

    Fractional Chief Strategist

    At the helm of our proposal shop is the Fractional Chief Strategist. Unlike a full-time strategist, our fractional model offers the expertise and insights of top-tier strategists without the costs associated with a full-time hire.


    • Provides overarching direction for proposal development.
    • Offers strategic insights derived from decades of government contracting experience.
    • Coordinates with all team members to ensure cohesive and aligned proposal narratives.

    Dedicated Capture Manager

    The Capture Manager is the nexus between client aspirations and tangible proposal content. They work to understand the specific requirements of each RFP and ensure our response aligns perfectly.


    • Engages in pre-RFP intelligence gathering.
    • Develops win themes and differentiators.
    • Manages all aspects of the proposal development lifecycle.

    Proposal Writers

    Our team of proposal writers crafts compelling narratives that resonate with the government agency’s mission and objectives. With a blend of research-based content and insider knowledge, their words are your ticket to a winning proposal.


    • Writes compliant and persuasive proposal sections.
    • Collaborates with subject matter experts for accurate and comprehensive content.
    • Ensures consistency and coherence in the proposal narrative.

    Government Contract Cost Analysts

    Financial transparency and competitiveness are paramount in government contracts. Our cost analysts ensure that your bid is not only fiscally sound but also appealing in the eyes of evaluators.


    • Develops cost estimates and pricing strategies.
    • Ensures compliance with FAR/DFARS regulations.
    • Provides financial narratives that justify and support pricing decisions.

    Graphic Designer

    A proposal isn’t just about words. Our graphic designers ensure your proposal is visually engaging, making complex data digestible through infographics, flowcharts, and more.


    • Designs visually appealing proposal layouts.
    • Develops graphics that complement and enhance written content.
    • Ensures consistency in branding and visual language.


    Having the right personnel in place is vital for contract execution. Our recruiters source the finest talents, matching contract requirements with stellar resumes and commitment letters.


    • Identifies and recruits key personnel, including those with top security clearances.
    • Coordinates with project managers to understand staffing needs.
    • Ensures timely and effective staffing solutions, bolstering the proposal’s credibility.

    The PrismConnect Edge:

    Beyond individual roles, what truly sets our proposal shop apart is the synergy among team members. Collaborative, informed, and efficient, our approach is further enhanced with AI-powered tools that streamline processes, optimize content, and ensure timely submissions. In an industry where every detail counts, PrismConnect Solutions, LLC is your trusted partner, guaranteeing a proposal that’s not just compliant, but compelling.

    Ready to harness the power of our fully managed proposal shop? Partner with PrismConnect and redefine your government contracting journey.

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